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Examples of foundation problems

If you have some concerns your foundation could be cracking due to settlement problems, it's best to get a foundation inspection immediately. In the event the foundation is quite severely damaged or complicated, it's always recommended to hire a foundation specialist.  When you find cracks in foundation it can start small and can readily crack the entire foundation or you may even need the whole house foundation repair. We fix foundation cracks!

Cracks in foundation can also permit modest insects access to the inside of the house. These sorts of cracks allow water to enter craw space. Some leaking wall cracks aren't because of a structural issue but you need a foundation repair company to give you an honest evaluation to keep your family safe. Some basement waterproofing companies will only install cheap plastic on floors, but we seal the floors, walls and ceiling to keep moisture and allergies out.

Foundation Repair

 At Southeastern Foundation & Crawlspace Repair we specialize in Foundation repair. After a comprehensive study of your structure, we will design a foundation repair plan that suits your needs as well as budget.

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Tell tale signs of foundation problems: Cracks in floors and walls, uneven floors, bowed walls, sticking windows and cracks in foundation .
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Our team of professionals will do it all from start to finish, leaving you with the guaranteed result you need.

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Crawl Space Foundation Problems

A lot of problems begin by having problems in your crawl space. A foundation inspection helps to plan steps to repair foundations to keep up the high quality and value of the your home. Something similar applies to the foundation. With time, your foundation can truly feel the effects. Even the foundation must be sealed. From time to time, the foundation of your house can begin cracking, sinking, or show different signs of damage. A sealed crawl space is the solution to keeping moisture out and preventing problems with crawl space.

When cracks appear in walls, it is frequently a symptom of foundation troubles, or you need a crawl space repair. These cracks are extremely common, and they're not an indication of an important foundation issue. The majority of these cracks don't have any structural significance. These sorts of cracks may be caused by foundation settlement, in addition to expanding and contracting soil or landscaping too near the building. Basement cracks are among the most frequent signs your foundation is in trouble. Cracks in basement walls are typical, but they could also be an indication of a weakened wall. Horizontal cracks in walls are frequently the most serious cracking.

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